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Snapshot: Aron's Kissena Farms - Fresh Meadows, NY

Aron's Kissena Farms
Owner: Aron Hirtz
Opened: 2009
Cooperative: Allegiance
Location: 75-15 Kissena Blvd, Bayside, NY
Photographed: July 2018
When I say Aron's is next door to yesterday's Key Food, I mean next door. The properties border each other, and there is a whopping 200 feet from the door of Aron's to the door of Key Food. I passed through the area on a Saturday, so Aron's (a Kosher grocery store) was closed for the Sabbath. Aron's replaced in 2009 an independent store called only Kissena Farms, which does not appear to have been a Kosher store. We've seen Aron's newer location in New Jersey over on The Market Report.
While Key Food tends to draw from Latino and Caribbean populations to the northeast, offering far more (and more aggressively priced) produce and seafood, at Aron's the focus is on the kosher foods. There's probably not much competition as the two stores serve very different target markets. Not that it matters, but Key Food is more my style than Aron's. The above picture was taken from the Key Food parking lot.
This side of the store, though, which actually faces Kissena Blvd, feels rather dead. Kissena Farms' storefront faced Kissena Blvd, while Aron's faces the parking lot on Aguilar Ave.