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Snapshot: Gold City Supermarket - Flushing, NY

Gold City Supermarket
Owner: Tisno Hasam
Opened: 2003
Cooperative: none
Location: 46-31 Kissena Blvd, Flushing, NY
Photographed: July 2018
Here we see something rather unusual. Gold City is a primarily Chinese supermarket reflecting the predominant population in this section of Flushing. However, owner Tisno Hasam is Indonesian. This is the only Chinese-focused supermarket I can think of (though I am sure there are some) that is not owned by a Chinese-American owner.
This building is a modified A&P centennial store built sometime in the early 1960s. Gold City has opened up the interior to make it feel much larger than its somewhat measly 15,000 square feet. It's also of note that the aisles run parallel to the front of the store now.