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TOUR: Bayside Milk Farm - Bayside, NY

Bayside Milk Farm
Owner: Michael Perulli
Opened: 1976
Cooperative: Krasdale
Location: 35-15 Bell Blvd, Bayside, NY
Photographed: December 2019
Okay, so I mentioned yesterday at the Food Universe in Bayside that some stores are kinda boring and some are real standouts. This store solidly fits in the latter category! I added this one to my latest trip through New York City mostly out of curiosity and I was not disappointed.
You don't come to this 4900 square foot store for a spacious big box experience. You come for top-notch produce, meat, bakery, and mostly... deli.
Stores like this defy categorization - they're by no means gourmet markets but have excellent perishables. They are only their own category.
Gorgeous produce. You feel like you're shopping in a farmstand.
The displays are all perfect, too. The store was actually far busier than it appears in these pictures.
Cheese and deli, their specialty...
Sorry Food Universe, but that's a deli!
The store also has tiny but complete selections of grocery, meat, frozen, and dairy.
And if you thought that wraps up the tour you'd be sadly mistaken. Soda, beverages, chips, and snacks line the exit hallway. No square inch of space goes to waste here!
Now that's an experience! An absolute must-see if you are ever passing through. Now for one more store in Bayside before moving through Fresh Meadows!