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Snapshot: Mr. Mango's Food Market - Brooklyn, NY

Mr. Mango's Food Market
Owner: Fausto Rodriguez
Opened: 2015-2018
Cooperative: none
Location: 112 Rockaway Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Photographed: July 2018
Looks like Mr. Mango suffered from some pretty bad fire damage, and it doesn't look like the store has actually reopened despite the "we'll be back soon!" banner on the front. I usually don't photograph bodegas like this, but this one caught my eye because it's such a blatant ripoff of the KiCoPi Group stores (see here and here) and in fact, KiCoPi does operate a Mr. Mango across Brooklyn in the Clinton Hill section. That's about all for today, come back tomorrow for more!


  1. - Not many posts, but a fairly good "before" photo of the building (from the side) and that they apparently had a fairly good selection of beverages.


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