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Snapshot: Mr. Kiwi's - Brooklyn, NY

Mr. Kiwi's Fruits & Vegetables
Owner: Chung Eun Kim
Opened: 2007
Cooperative: none
Location: 957 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY
Photographed: July 2018
The original store in the "Mr. So-And-So" group, Mr. Kiwi's is a large greengrocer on a corner in the heart of Bushwick.
Culture Trip has a great article about the group of stores, known as KiCoPi, which you can read here.
The store is right nearby a Food Bazaar, which (with luck) we'll tour tomorrow on The Market Report!

Update 2:25pm: I have come across an additional picture I took in April 2019. The building above the greengrocer shop appears to be under construction, although I doubt Mr. Kiwi's is going anywhere. I forgot to go inside and see if they have a Mr. Kiwi's cat like the Mr. Berry cat!