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TOUR: Carone's ShurSave - Mountain Top, PA

Carone's ShurSave
Owner: Frank Carone
Opened: 1996
Cooperative: ShurSave
 101 S Mountain Blvd, Mountain Top, PA
Photographed: December 22, 2018
We saw the Carone's in Freeland, PA, not too long ago, and now we're here just to the south of the Wyoming Valley to see their other location. The locations are only about ten miles apart. This one is also part of the ShurSave cooperative, and opened in 1996 in a former ACME. The store is currently about 15,000 square feet, appearing to take up the ACME space and a roughly 3000 square foot space next door, although it's not clear whether Carone's or ACME was responsible for the expansion.
Although the facade has had some cosmetic work done, it's still clearly the ACME Super Saver awning.
The store is part of a small strip mall in what amounts to the main business district in Mountain Top, which also has a Weis just to the south.
As we'll see, this store has been more recently updated than Freeland and looks very nice inside. We enter to an expansion with produce and bakery. Meats and deli are on the back wall, with dairy and frozen in the last aisle.
I like this decor, and I think it works well in this store. It's very attractive without being too complicated or flashy.
Here we transition from the grand aisle expansion into the main supermarket building. I assume ACME's produce department would've originally run along the left side of this aisle.
This corner felt a little bit strange, like something had been removed here. There's a small cheese and packaged deli case visible at the back, and then just a few other fixtures with prepared foods and similar things. The deli counter is just out of frame in the below picture, to the right.
Unfortunately, I didn't see a lot of clear ACME remnants inside the store. I was hoping for some fun decor or fixture remnants, but I saw not much. People who are more familiar with ACME of this time period, did I miss anything?
Here's the deli and meat departments on the back wall. It looks like these might be fairly old cases that have been repainted, but I'm not sure about that.
I didn't take a lot of pictures inside this store, I don't remember why. But we still get a good look at what the place looks like. It's great to see one of these old ACMEs still going strong as an independent supermarket these days!
And a look across the front end. You can see the yellow columns to the right below, which is likely where the original ACME building ended.
Okay, so Mountain Top is not exactly in the Wyoming Valley. It's in the mountains to the south of the valley, but tomorrow we're going to enter the valley for real! We're starting at the southwestern end for a stop in Nanticoke, tomorrow on Grocery Archaeology!