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TOUR: Carone's ShurSave - Freeland, PA

Carone's ShurSave
Owner: Frank Carone
Opened: 2008
Cooperative: ShurSave
 400 Front St, Freeland, PA
Photographed: November 29, 2019
Welcome to Freeland! We're to the northeast of Hazleton to check out this roughly 15,000 square foot store on the eastern side of town. Carone's is the only store in town, and it opened in 2008 but I'm not sure what was here previously. Carone's is affiliated with ShurSave.
We enter to the deli and bakery on the right side wall of the store, with produce in the back right corner. Meats are on the back wall with frozen and dairy on the left side.
The store was likely a supermarket prior to Carone's 2008 opening, since the store looks to me like it's older than that. The decor was likely installed by Carone's, though.
The produce department is in an alcove in the back right corner of the store.
And while I wouldn't say this store was particularly special, it serves an important need in town and also is well-run, clean, and well-stocked.
Here's a look across the back wall. As we see, the store is on the older side but well-maintained.
Carone's also has a second location about ten miles due north, which we'll tour as part of our look at the Wyoming Valley.
In the front corner we have the water and soda corner, with the registers extending across the front wall beyond that.
And customer service is beyond the registers on the front wall.
We're about five and a half miles northeast of Hazleton here, and tomorrow, we'll be checking out another independent ShurSave store about five and a half miles northwest of Hazleton!