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Snapshot: Surplus Outlet - Montgomery, PA

Surplus Outlet
Owner: Thomas Wengerd
Cooperative: none
 5464 US-15, Montgomery, PA
Photographed: August 19, 2022
Now for a look at our second Surplus Outlet! We saw the Northumberland one a few days ago, and this one looks very similar. It's also around 35,000 square feet, and looks very similar inside.
I'm not sure exactly what this store is like, but as I mentioned on the post for their other location, it seems to be more in line with the BB's model than, say, an ALDI or Save-A-Lot. For example, it doesn't look like these stores have a consistent selection of products or a storebrand, but they do seem to have meat and produce departments. We're just over five miles southeast of Williamsport, the largest town in this area, and that's where we're headed next for a look at a big-chain store right downtown on The Market Report!