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TOUR: Hurley's Fresh Market - Dushore, PA

Hurley's Fresh Market
Owner: Robert Hurley
Opened: 1982
Cooperative: IGA
 121 W Main St, Dushore, PA
Photographed: August 17, 2022
We're here in Dushore, PA to check out the town's only supermarket, although in a town of 450, that might just be all you need. The store is around 8200 square feet, and was opened in 1982 as Hurley's IGA. Today, the store is one of two Hurley's Fresh Markets, with the other one in Towanda. We'll also be revisiting that store this time around!
You enter in the front left corner of the store and walk across the front-end to the right side, where aisle 1 has produce and dairy. In the picture below, I'm facing up towards the front wall. Deli and meats are on the back wall with frozen foods on the far left side of the store.
As you can see in the above picture, although the store is old, it's had some recent updates with new refrigerators and flooring. I think it's likely there was another supermarket here prior to Hurley's opening in 1982, but I'm not sure of that.
Dairy is at the back of the first aisle, with a small deli department just next to that on the back wall. Again, it looks like many of these fixtures are new.
Hurley's is an IGA member and sells the IGA brand.
The store is in good shape and seems to be maintained well, even though it's a small store that's clearly old.
A look at the frozen foods department shows us that not all of the fixtures have been updated, clearly. Five aisles total. It's a small store but that's all you need in a town like this.
Here's a look at the little front-end, with just three registers. Check out the tiny office in the front corner! Dushore also used to have a second supermarket, which we'll be checking out tomorrow on Grocery Archaeology!