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TOUR: Gould's ShurSave - Conyngham, PA

Gould's ShurSave
Owner: Debra Cara
Opened: 2013 under current ownership
Cooperative: ShurSave
 669 PA-93, Conyngham, PA
Photographed: November 29, 2019
Almost at the end of the Coal Region! We are just to the northwest of Hazleton today to tour the 33,000 square foot Gould's ShurSave. The ShurSave cooperative used to be a very large, very prominent group in this part of Pennsylvania (and affiliated with AWI, the wholesaler from York, PA that produced ShurFine products). When AWI went under, C&S acquired their wholesale division and distribution contracts for many of the independent stores. ShurSave still exists, but barely (there are only 12 stores left).
Gould's has a wonderful classic supermarket interior, but as we see, there have been a lot of updates to the inside, too, with new fixtures.
The first aisle holds the dairy department. By the way, while the ShurSave stores used to sell ShurFine products, they now sell Best Yet from C&S. The ShurFine/ShurSave group used to have a huge reach, even up to the Finger Lakes area and upstate New York. Most of those stores are now part of various groups of independent stores supplied by C&S.
At the back of the first aisle, behind the dairy department, we move into the produce department.
Although it's an older setup, there's still plenty of produce here and it looked good. I found this store to be very well-run.
Up next on the back wall is the bakery department, with seafood next.
Here's a look across the back of the store, here looking out from the deli/prepared foods department.
In the first few aisles, we have a pretty significant nonfoods selection, with lots of seasonal items, dollar store items, greeting cards, toys, stationery, and the like...
Back out to the perimeter for a look at the bakery and seafood departments. The deli department is back here too, although I can't remember exactly where it is.
Yes, I visited this store soon before Christmas.
Consistent with what we saw in the first few aisles, this store clearly functions as more than a supermarket, with some hardware-type items also, and even key-making as one of the services available at customer service.
We see newer warehouse-style shelving in what appears to be an expansion on the right side of the store.
Back over to the back wall for the meat department and cold cuts.
Frozen foods are in the front right corner of the store. There's a lot of general merchandise around the store, too, which makes it feel a bit cluttered, but there's a lot here to buy.
Here's a look at how you enter the frozen foods department. As we can see even from these pictures, there are a lot of unusual corners in this store.
Frozen foods on the front wall of the store.
I love this lettering! I'm not 100% sure whether it's very old or made to look very old, but I suspect it is in fact quite old. While the current owners have only been here since 2013, the store appears to have been opened in 1971.
Lots of paper goods, that's for sure!
Some trophies in a case here, too, although for the life of me I can't remember what they were for. But congratulations!
And here we see aisle 20, the last aisle in the corner of the store.
As you can probably tell, I'm a bit rusty on my memory of the layout of this store. But I think these pictures are kind of in the right order!
And we end, of course, with the registers. I believe where the customer service counter is, visible on the left side here, is where the store originally ended before its expansion.
That's all for Gould's, and I have one more store in the Coal Region area before we move on west! Head over to The Market Report tomorrow to check it out.