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TOUR: Plymouth Hometown Market - Plymouth, PA

Plymouth Hometown Market
Owner: Christopher Kubishin
Opened: 2012
Cooperative: none
 500 W Main St, Plymouth, PA
Photographed: December 22, 2018
Welcome to the Plymouth Hometown Market! We're directly across the street from Friday's ACME for this independent grocery store, which has made its home in a former A&P, later Fetch's Market. Here's a shot of the transition between Fetch's and Plymouth Hometown Market. While Fetch's was ShurSave-affiliated, PHM is an independent supplied by C&S.
Does the logo look familiar? Yes, this is under the same owners of the White Haven Market.
The former A&P centennial style store has been expanded in nearly every direction to come to its current total of around 18,000 square feet. The grand aisle is on the left side of the store in one of the expansions, with bakery at the front and produce behind it. I don't know if there's an in-store bakery, but the bakery isn't set up as a service department.
While Plymouth Hometown Market's owners have done some very nice work on the store, you can still tell the bones are old.
But the new decor is very attractive, if a bit understated.
Interestingly, the color-coded checkerboard floor tiles in each department have more in common with a 1980s or 90s ACME than anything else. I assume that's purely coincidental.
Smoked and Luncheon Meat is a very Pennsylvania way to say cold cuts...
Some signage, such as this Your Pet Place setup, comes from C&S and we've seen it in other stores.
Deli is in the back right corner of the store, between the meat department and the dairy department.
Dairy and frozen are in the last aisle, and we can see that the store is very clean and well-maintained if not brand new.
In the front corner we have an expansion of the frozen department along with bread and a few other things in what I suspect is either an expansion or in what used to be office/backroom space for A&P.
We can see that this section is clearly not part of what was originally the store's sales floor.
And then a look at the front-end across to bakery and produce on the other side!
I always love to see that an old supermarket like this A&P has been maintained as a functional supermarket for all these decades, and especially when it's clean and taken care of as well as this one is.
And next stop, Wilkes-Barre! We're headed into the city tomorrow for a look at a longtime independent grocer that closed fairly recently on Grocery Archaeology!