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Special Report: HL Supermarket - Staten Island, NY

HL Supermarket
Owner: John Lin
Opened: October 2022
Cooperative: none
 2380 Hylan Blvd, New Dorp, Staten Island, NY
Photographed: January 13, 2023
While Asian Food Markets was working on building its new store in the northwestern corner of Staten Island, five miles southeast near the eastern coast of the island, it was announced that a Brooklyn-based Chinese supermarket would be taking over a 30,000 square foot vacant former banquet hall. After extensive renovation, HL Supermarket opened their New Dorp store in November 2022. All the grandeur of the Excelsior Grand may have been removed from the front wall, but the wall now displays murals of food items. A slightly strange layout, but it ends up working fine -- the main parking lot and entrance are in the rear of the store.
But driving down busy Hylan Boulevard, you can't miss this massive signage.
And as we head to the back, as usual, the rear entrance is less exciting than the front. For ease of navigation, I'm going to refer to the wall facing the parking lot as the "front" of the store, and the wall facing Hylan Boulevard as the "back" of the store.
So with that in mind, we enter to a massive produce department in the front 1/3 or so of the store, with meat and seafood counters lining the left side of the store. Behind the service counters is frozen foods on the left side, with refrigerated foods and dairy on the back wall and right side of the store.
Here's an overview of the space from the entrance. Note the ceiling, which I believe was left over from the previous tenant. Other than that, everything here is brand-new. The supermarket is very spacious and has a lot to offer.
It's a great layout, the way you enter to produce in this expansive space with the grocery aisles behind it. Because of the shape of the space, it would be easy enough to put produce on the left side of the store and the grocery aisles extending the full length of the store, the way most supermarkets are laid out. But I prefer this, especially in a store with such a large produce department.
And here we can see the grocery aisles behind the produce department.
Looking back up to the front, we can see the entrance in the far corner.
Seafood and meat (with massive service coutners) line the left side of the store.
And packaged meats are opposite the service butcher counter. As we can see, the new store seems to already have found a solid customer base, even at an off-time.
And here's where produce transitions into the grocery aisles.
Behind produce and the service meat/seafood counters is the frozen foods department. The fixtures here look all brand-new, and the overall look of the store is very sleek and clean. It helps that it's, well, very clean.
A look across the middle dividing aisle of the grocery department.
In the grocery aisles again, we see the store is extremely clean and very orderly.
An aisle or two of mainstream American type groceries.
But of course, that's not the main focus here. We're also nine blocks from a very large ShopRite and a Stop & Shop three blocks beyond that, so there's not a huge demand for that in this particular store.
Cold cuts and dairy in the last aisle. Again, we can see some of the mainstream grocery selection but that's not what takes up most of the store.
Soda and other beverages are also here in the last aisle.
And that aisle opens up to refrigerated items on the outside when we get to the produce department in the front half of the store. The customer service counter is right behind where the Sale sign is straight ahead.
And a spacious front-end, which likely will be necessary for the volume I'm sure this store does and will do. Here's the rest of the coverage we have today!