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Look Inside: Stop N Shop Food Market - Allentown, PA

Stop N Shop Food Market
Owner: Wagby Ibrahim
Opened: 2001
Cooperative: none
 302 N 14th St, Center City, Allentown, PA
Photographed: January 8, 2021
Stop & Shop? No, this Stop N Shop Food Market appears to be a longtime fixture in northwestern Center City Allentown. It's located in one of the historic residential/commercial low-rise buildings of this neighborhood and looks like it doesn't quite reach 1000 square feet. There are two aisles in the front, one with grocery items and one with beverages, dairy, and a small deli. There's another little alcove in the back, if I'm not mistaken, for nonfood products. I love tiny stores like this because they're a well-preserved snapshot of what grocery shopping was like a century ago, or maybe not quite that long but regardless.
But some of these longtime grocery stores have been more updated than others. Tomorrow's store, which is right near the center of the city, has gotten a big renovation recently. Check it out here tomorrow!