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Special Report: Asian Food Markets - Staten Island, NY

Asian Food Markets
Owner: Jon Chen
Opened: 2022
Cooperative: none
 2343 Forest Ave, Mariners Harbor, Staten Island, NY
Photographed: January 13, 2023
We'll be seeing two new Asian supermarkets on Staten Island today, which by the way are also the only two Asian supermarkets on the island. This is the smaller of the two, a 12,000 square foot store in a newly-built strip mall that opened in 2022. Asian Food Markets, whose stores we've seen in New Jersey, moved from an older but much larger 30,000 square foot store in a remote strip mall at 1801 South Avenue. That store actually closed way back in 2018, so there was quite a gap between its closure and this store's opening.
While the store is beautiful and has the same decor package as Plainsboro, we can feel how small it is. I was not expecting it to be this small, especially since the last one I visited was Plainsboro, and was shocked that this was all there was to it.
Hot food is on the left side, with meat and seafood on the back wall. Produce and some of the frozen department are in the grand aisle, with the rest of frozen and dairy on the far right side of the store.
I'd estimate that this grand aisle area takes up 1/3 of the store. Looking really good, but not very large at all.
The same shelving style I commented on in Plainsboro is here too, and it looks really nice.
You can see just how cramped the store can feel here. Service meat and seafood are in the back-right corner.
In fact, I struggled to even get a worthwhile picture of the service counter. The grocery aisles are just as beautiful as Plainsboro, but much smaller...
But like Plainsboro, they are divided in half. I do wonder why that decision was made, since selling space is already so limited. The entire length of the grocery aisles here is the length of one of Plainsboro's half aisles.
But the store does look really good with all-new fixtures and decor (of course, because it's a new-build store, but nothing looks secondhand here).
The rest of frozen foods and dairy in the front of the last aisle. Only 5 aisles total here.
Refrigerated items are on the front wall. And unlike Plainsboro, the decor gets lost because it has to be so scaled-down.
That's not to say the store doesn't look great, though. It's just that I was expecting it to be much bigger!
There is, however, a larger Asian supermarket on Staten Island. That's one of our other posts for today! Here's the full list: