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Look Inside: 8th Street Food Market - Allentown, PA

8th Street Food Market
Owner: Ramon Evangelista
Opened: 1999
Cooperative: Krasdale Foods
 247 N 8th St, Center City, Allentown, PA
Photographed: January 8, 2021
We've seen several historically preserved small corner grocers lacking a lot of updates, but the 8th Street Food Market -- at just 2000 square feet -- has in fact gotten some pretty substantial renovation and, despite the size, actually has a full butcher, deli, and hot food bar inside with a table or two to sit and eat at.
This store looks a little different from the other ones we've seen here in Allentown, with a hefty if tiny grocery department, and a full dairy case rather than just a gallon or two of milk. Not to mention that this store is supplied by Krasdale Foods, rather than just a collection of itesm from random wholesalers and wholesale clubs like BJ's.
In the back of the store, which I couldn't photograph because there were too many people, was the butcher, deli, and hot food bar, plus a picnic table or two. There are two grocery aisles, and in the second (on the left side) we have produce and frozen. Although the fixtures are older, you can tell the shelving, flooring, and lighting are newer.
Up next is another small corner store about four blocks east. Come back to check it out tomorrow!