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Update: Bishop's Supermarket - Whitehouse Station, NJ

Bishop's Supermarket
Owner: Bill Bishop
Opened: 1989 in current location
Cooperative: IGA (Retail Marketing Group)
 431 US-22, Whitehouse Station, Readington, NJ
Photographed: August 6, 2022
We return to Bishop's Supermarket in Readington, an exceptionally well-run independent store on route 22 about 30 miles west of Newark. This was my third time returning to the store, and each time I liked the store a little bit better. I did a full shopping here in August and was thoroughly impressed with the selection and quality. Here's my original tour.
We see a reset here in the produce department, and generally around the perimeter. There's new flooring and fixtures, with the cases on the left side having been painted and the right side cases having been replaced. Note that the new cases on the right have doors. The only strange thing was that the track lighting on the ceiling here is not functional, and I'm not sure why. Then again, if you look at my 2020 pictures, they weren't working then either.
Flooring in the whole perimeter has been replaced, I think, and several fixtures have been too. Not a major renovation, but certainly some nice investment in this store which still seems to do well. Check it out if you're in the area! Tomorrow is another small update at another Central Jersey store over on The Market Report.