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Look Inside: Wilson's Meats - Lawncrest, Philadelphia, PA

Wilson's Meats
Owner: Nathan Wilson
Opened: 1967
Cooperative: none
 5694 Rising Sun Ave, Lawncrest, Philadelphia, PA
Photographed: July 2021
We're just across the street from yesterday's store to check out Wilson's Meats, a small butcher shop/deli/meat wholesaler which has been in business since 1967. A little bit like Farmer's Best, this butcher shop seems to have seen better days, but it's in much better shape and seems to still do a good business.
The store is around 4400 square feet. As we see, some of the refrigerator cases that probably once held packaged meats are now holding other things, like these jars of pickles, relish, and peppers. But that section aside, the store is very fully stocked.
At the back of the store are the service counters for poultry (seen here) and red meat. The rest of the packaged meats are at the back of the store, and there's also a small grocery selection of the basics.
It's a very pleasantly old-fashioned butcher shop. We move on to frozen foods in the back corner of the store, with frozen meat items in the middle in the coffin cases.
And in the front of this section is a large deli counter that also has bread and other baked goods.
Looks like quite a few of these fixtures have been updated, or at least painted and possibly re-faced.
And here's a small corner of grocery items in the front of the store. The registers are just out of frame to the left. That's all for this store, which was a fun stop (that I didn't plan to make when I was out here -- I just kind of stumbled upon it). Tomorrow we're headed about half a mile west as the crow flies (slightly longer by road) to check out this neighborhood's biggest, and most mainstream, supermarket over on The Market Report!