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TOUR: Glatt 27 - Highland Park, NJ

Glatt 27
Owner: Azriel Weizel
Opened: 2003, ca. 2013 in current location
Cooperative: none
Location: 1177 Raritan Ave, Highland Park, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
Our second stop here in Highland Park is just outside the downtown, back east towards the Edison border. (The first store we saw, in case you missed it, was the Stop & Shop downtown.) This store is smaller than the Stop & Shop at just 5600 square feet, or the ground floor of this very attractive building. It fits into the streetscape nicely, in fact so much that I totally missed it when I was driving by and had to circle back to find it. This store replaced an older one just to the west at 1109 Raritan Avenue in 2013. And by the way, Raritan Avenue is NJ route 27, in case you were wondering about the name.
The store, although very small, is a complete kosher supermarket. Produce is in the front right corner, with deli lining the right side wall. Meats line the back wall, with frozen and dairy on the left side of the store. The entrance, as we can see here, is about in the middle of the storefront.
I really enjoyed my visit to this store. It's compact and pristine, with a wide selection in such a tiny space. I don't keep kosher, but the shopping experience here is so much better than the Stop & Shop which is rundown and dingy.
Moving into the first aisle. The deli cases were a bit foggy because it was a very, very hot and humid day and the interior of the store was refreshing and very cool. The grocery aisles are very short, as we can see, but have a wide range of products.
Some products are less familiar names, such as Gefen, while RiceSelect and Uncle Ben's also appear on the shelves.
The emergency exit in the back here leads to the back parking lot. There's no parking in the front, but there is only one entrance (in front) to the store.
Looking across the back wall of the store at the meat cases. I don't believe there's a service butcher here.
We can see here also that the ceiling in the main store is nice and high, taking up both stories of the building. The back half has a second floor over it.
Frozen in the second to last aisle, and dairy in the last aisle. These cases are in beautiful condition, but are probably from when the store opened in 2013.
The registers take up about half of the front wall (with produce on the other side). We can also see the different ceiling heights here...
That wraps up Highland Park for us! We're now going to circle north/northwest on our way to Piscataway, but first we have two Edison stores to cover in that direction. Head over to The Market Report tomorrow for our next stop, and another one on here!


  1. Is the Market report website down today?

    1. Unfortunately yes, I'm not entirely sure what's going on there but I'm hoping it'll be back soon.


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