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Look Inside: New Brunswick Farmers Market - New Brunswick, NJ

New Brunswick Farmers Market
Owner: Jin Kin
Opened: 1992
Cooperative: none
Location: 139 French St, New Brunswick, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
Don't let the still-under-renovation exterior of this 5900 square foot store fool you -- the interior is wonderfully classic. As we'll see, there's also a deceptively large selection in this small space. (Here's a look at how the storefront previously appeared.)
Much of the space is devoted to fresh produce, displayed mostly out on these cardboard boxes. Refrigerated produce cases on the right side, with a large seafood department in the back right corner (which seems pretty new). What's not new is the pressed tin ceiling and the wood paneling on the back wall, where there's a small deli as well. A few short aisles of groceries are on the far left side. There's a small open-air office in the front where the owners (I believe a husband and wife team) seem to do most of their work.
The tiny office is on the other side of the shelf seen here. Take a good look at that ceiling!
Very small deli which has a second floor above it (I wonder if that contains an office that's only sometimes used or is no longer in use). I assume this has probably been a grocery store for many decades now, although it's probably been rearranged a few times.
A look down the grocery aisle at the end of the store. The grocery selection emphasizes mostly international foods.
As you can see here, there's a little bit of everything in this store!
One more overview from the left side of the store. Don't forget to check out La Placita diagonally across the street, and then tomorrow we have two more stores (one here on The Independent Edition and one on The Market Report)!