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Look Inside: Latino Mini Market - Bound Brook, NJ

Latino Mini Market
Owner: Hugo Castanaba
Opened: unknown
Cooperative: Retail Grocers Group
Location: 207 E Main St, Bound Brook, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
Anywhere else, a "minimarket" would refer to a small convenience store, maybe with some bottled soda and some chips. But here in downtown Bound Brook, the Latino Mini Market is a 4500 square foot store that's practically a full grocery store, with produce, meat, deli, frozen, dairy, and grocery.
This store has a lot to offer, with several grocery aisles, produce here in the first aisle, a service butcher/deli on the back wall, and dairy/frozen at the left side of the store. It looks fairly recently renovated, with some newer fixtures and flooring. We can tell that the store is older, but it's been very nicely maintained.
I would say there are maybe five aisles here, but they're not that long.
Dairy is here in the back of the last aisle, with frozen foods in the front corner. There's a little alcove on that side which seems to extend beyond this side wall here.
And looking towards the front wall in the last aisle. We have two more stores before we head out of Bound Brook, both of which we're going to see tomorrow -- check out the former ShopRite on Grocery Archaeology and the 1990s-era store that replaced it on The Market Report!