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Snapshot: La Placita Mini Market - New Brunswick, NJ

La Placita Mini Market
Owner: unknown
Opened: unknown
Cooperative: none
Location: 148 French St, New Brunswick, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
We are starting with downtown New Brunswick with this small grocery store at the west side of the downtown area, with French Street (which this store is on) being one of the main thoroughfares through. We're a few blocks west of the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, affiliated with Rutgers University which has a few campuses in the area -- the main one being just under half a mile to the north. Sadly I know very little about this particular grocery store and am mostly unable to find information about it online, so I can't say too much about it other than, in light of that, I regret not going in. Make sure to check out today's other post, which is just diagonally across French Street, here! Tomorrow we have two more posts to the east, one here on The Independent Edition and one over on The Market Report.