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TOUR: Livoti's Old World Market - Englishtown, NJ

Livoti's Old World Market
Owner: John Livoti
Opened: 2014
Cooperative: none
Location: 160 US-9, Englishtown, NJ
Photographed: February 2021
And now for our third and final Livoti's location! You can see Aberdeen, the oldest, here; and Middletown, the newest, here (save for Freehold which opened very recently and I didn't get to visit it). If you've read those two posts, you know I was very impressed with their stores, but I saved the best for last -- I got a new cell phone before photographing this location and the difference in photo clarity is amazing. This 13,000 square foot store is hidden in the corner of a large strip mall that was also previously home to a Pathmark, our other post of the day.
The store is narrow and deep, so we enter to produce in the front-right quadrant. Deli/bakery are in the back-right quadrant, with meat, dairy, seafood, and frozen lining the left side of the store with grocery aisles on the left half. Also let's take a second to appreciate how clear and well-lit these pictures are! The bakery is in an island behind produce...
Deli is on the back wall, with assorted other fresh products on the back of the bakery island (balsamic vinegar in bulk, cheese, fresh pasta, cheeses...)
Cold cuts on the outside wall next to deli...
I'm struck by how hidden (or at least sub-optimal) each of the Livoti's locations is, and how busy the stores consistently seem to be despite that. Clearly they've figured a lot out.
Cucina on the back wall.
I'm not particularly a fan of portrait-oriented supermarket pictures, but that just made sense here at the butcher corner. Meat, dairy, and frozen line the left side wall of the store.
And I'm doing this a little out of my conventional order for a store tour, but we now head up towards the front of the store for the cheese island...
And continuing towards the front wall through the grocery aisles.
I could be imagining it, but I'm pretty sure this store has a slightly larger packaged grocery selection than the other two locations.
Very attractive seafood counter in the front corner of the store. Livoti's seafood counters seem to be run by Sea Breeze Fish, which also runs counters in other stores including, I believe, Western Beef and Top Tomato.
A look at the front-end before we head out. I'm glad I got to visit all three of the Livoti's stores, and it's even better that I got to document this one with a much better camera! Don't forget to check out our other post today, and tomorrow, we're heading directly across route 9 for a new store on The Market Report.


  1. This store was something else before Livotti's moved in. Maybe Kaybee toys?

    1. That sounds right! Oh man, I remember those stores.


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