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Look Inside: New City Super Food Market - Freehold, NJ

New City Super Food Market
Owner: unknown
Opened: ca. 2012
Cooperative: Krasdale
Location: 15 W Main St, Freehold, NJ
Photographed: January 2021
Our second store in downtown Freehold is the New City Super Food Market! It's right on Main Street, with a more central location than the similarly-sized Exito Freshmarket just outside downtown. Unlike Exito, however, this store is extremely long and thin with just two aisles running front to back. The left side of the store features a large butcher, seafood, deli, and hot food counter, with the right side being frozen and dairy and produce in the front.
There's also an entrance and exit to a municipal parking lot in the back. We find an eclectic collection of shopping carts...
Wow! I have no idea how a Kroger cart made its way into this store. Another cart comes from closer to home...
We're going to take a look inside the store from the front entrance, with produce in the front of the store running along the front wall.
There's a small but extensive selection, much like Exito.
Here's a look at frozen foods and dairy on the right side wall (we're looking from the back to the front of the store here).
Hot food and the other assorted service counters line the outside wall of the store opposite, and we can see that's a big draw here. I like the lights hanging over the counter! There are two registers in the front of the store...
That's all for now, and tomorrow we're heading out of Freehold to the north to Marlboro for our next store tomorrow, right here on The Independent Edition!


  1. And I can guarantee those red carts that this store and the nearby Exito use are disguised ex-Trader Joe's units. Simply put, all of those carts are acquired.

  2. Kroger swapped away from those metal carts to plastic honeycomb ones a few years ago, so my guess is the metal ones have been redistributed all across the country to various places.

    1. That would make sense. They don't look all that old, though.

    2. Hmm... Kroger doesn't seem to use plastic two-tier carts, so they may have auctioned them off from a store that closed. It's not that common to find express carts secondhand.


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