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TOUR: Exito Freshmarket - Freehold, NJ

Exito Freshmarket
Owner: Gaurang Patel
Opened: 2009
Cooperative: Krasdale
Location: 25 Broad St, Freehold, NJ
Photographed: January 2021
We are here just outside downtown Freehold for our second central Jersey Exito Freshmarket! (Make sure to check out Long Branch here.) This store is barely 5,000 square feet, located in just under half of a former 12,000 square foot Grand Union. This space has been several different tenants over the years, most recently a Bravo but becoming Exito around 2009. Like Long Branch, this one is a small but complete supermarket with a little bit of everything and a focus on Latin products. Taking a wider view of the strip mall, we can get a clearer idea that the anchor store was originally one single, larger Grand Union...
Heading in to Exito, we find that it sports a very attractive decor package we've seen before, but still prominently features Bravo logos around the store. If memory serves me, the last place we saw this decor package (or something like it) was up at the Madison Ave CTown in Paterson.
Produce and dairy line the outside of the first aisle, with dairy and meat on the back wall. A service butcher and deli line the outside of the last aisle (right side wall of the store), with a tiny corner of frozen foods in the front.
We can get a sense of how small this store is by looking across the back wall. The international aisle, though, is hard to miss and fully stocked...
Looking good!
As we can observe clearly here, the grocery selection is small but complete and there's a little bit of everything.
Here we see the butcher/deli counter in the back of the last aisle (5) with the very small frozen department in the front corner.
A small office and customer service counter are up next on the front end, with a few registers extending along the rest of the front wall.
Want to see more Freehold stores? Don't forget to check out today's other post right in the middle of downtown Freehold, and yesterday's ACME if you missed it! Up next we're heading into Marlboro, our next stop to the north, for another store right here on The Independent Edition tomorrow.


  1. This building was the library in the early 80's. Closed when the library on Symmes rd opened.

    1. Oh that's very interesting, thank you for the history!


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