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TOUR: Livoti's Old World Market - Aberdeen, NJ

Livoti's Old World Market
Owner: John Livoti
Opened: 2010
Cooperative: none
Location: 1077 NJ-34
Photographed: January 2021
It's time for our first of three Aberdeen stores, and it's also our first Livoti's of three! Livoti's is an excellent Italian specialty market with those three stores plus one more in a former ACME-turned-Top Tomato in Freehold which hadn't opened yet when I was down in this area. While Top Tomato had a total bust in central New Jersey here (with extremely short-lived stores in Freehold, Holmdel, Atlantic Highlands, and Brick), Livoti's has been the exact opposite. Now the Freehold store was briefly an ACME, but this Aberdeen store is also in part of a former ACME. Acme Style covered the store in Livoti's early days, and while it seems ACME referred to this location as Matawan, Livoti's calls it Aberdeen. This was Livoti's first store, opening in 2010.
The 16,000 square foot store includes about 2/3 of the former ACME, along with a small expansion on the left side. Here we see that space has been turned into an absolutely gorgeous bakery. Produce lines the left side of the main store building, with deli and butcher on the back wall, dairy and frozen on the right wall, and seafood on the front.
I strongly regretted having already purchased my baked goods for the day upon entering this room of delicious goodies.
In the main building, the store opens up to an upscale market, about 1/2 or 2/3 of which is dedicated to perishables. Produce alone takes up maybe half the sales floor, in several aisles.
Notice that sales floor space is maximized by displaying dry goods, like water and seltzer here, under produce.
The store decor and design, however, is simply fantastic.
Deli and prepared foods lining about half of the back wall. Meats take up the other half, behind the grocery aisles.
I know I've seen some variation on this decor elsewhere, but I can't exactly place it right now. Really great design, though. We'll see some more deluxe decor in one of their newer stores.
There are a few grocery aisles with the basics and Italian specialties at the other end of the store. Here we can see the beginning of the pitched-roof, beautifully exposed! The produce, deli, and bakery departments are located in the lower ceiling area to the right.
Frozen and dairy in the last aisle. Seafood is at the front of the last aisle...
There's one little shelf for what appears to be gluten free items in the front, before we reach the registers...
And by the way, sorry for the blurry picture here on the front end.
Now, it's been a few years since I last really read through all of Acme Style, and I forgot that Aberdeen and Matawan were the same thing. So I took a drive around back to confirm that this was indeed a former ACME, and I was pleased to find...
Sure is! And a mostly intact former ACME at that, though we see some modifications having been made. There are two more stores we'll be looking at here in Aberdeen, and we'll actually be seeing both tomorrow on The Market Report!