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Snapshot: Juan Supermarket - Getty Square, Yonkers, NY

Juan Supermarket
Owner: Juan Supermarket Inc.
Opened: 2014
Cooperative: unknown
Location: 61 Riverdale Ave, Riverdale, Bronx, NY
Photographed: March 2019
I know it's hard to see, but the left side of that storefront has a sign that (barely) says Juan Supermarket. It was previously Hernandez Supermarket, and it starts our coverage of the downtown/Getty Square part of Yonkers. This store is located on the same street as the Skyview Shopping Center, where we saw a Key Food and Riverdale Kosher Market, just about two miles north. This is our first of five grocery stores we'll be seeing a matter of blocks from each other, and up next is the ShopRite just across the street.