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TOUR: The Market of Rockland - West Haverstraw, NY

The Market of Rockland
Owner: Jasmine Perez
Open: 2021-2023
Cooperative: Retail Grocers Group
 91 US-9W, West Haverstraw, NY
Photographed: June 2, 2021
At just 8,000 square feet, The Market of Rockland is a very, very small supermarket. But it's still a supermarket nonetheless! The store opened in a former West Marine store in 2021, branding itself the rather wordy The Market of Rockland by Antillana Super Food, Antillana being a chain of small supermarkets in the Bronx and northern Manhattan. They also have one new and much larger store in Morris Heights, the Bronx.
We enter to the produce and dairy departments on the right side of the store, with the meat and seafood counters at the back. Frozen foods are on the left side of the store, and a compact area offering the deli, a juice bar, and a hot food bar is in the front left corner. The space is very small and fairly cramped inside, but they sure pack in a lot. Unfortunately, The Market of Rockland isn't here anymore, but it's still a supermarket. In the summer of 2023, the store switched its names (and presumably owners) to Los Primos Supermarket.
Because the space was not previously a supermarket, all the fixtures appear to be new. It's very nice, but clearly held back by the minimal space they had.
The butcher counter is a big focus, though, and there's also some seafood back here. This immediate area, in and around Haverstraw, is one of the relatively few places in Rockland County with a large Latino population, and this store and the slightly larger Ideal Food Basket across the street cater to that community.
We can't quite see the full sign here, but the signage advertises different types of meat (beef, pork, poultry) in pink lettering and the blue lettering says "Land & Sea" over both the seafood and meat departments. Pork Land, otherwise, doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
And frozen foods are in the last aisle, which is labeled aisle 1. There are 5 aisles total, but two of those are the produce department. This store used Parade products from General Trading. Since I visited, though, the New York City Antillana stores have joined ASG and Key Food (some in each coop), and I'm not sure who Los Primos is affiliated with.
In the front corner is the deli/hot food/juice bar area. Again, it's compact, but very full-service.
And this is the best I could do as far as front-end...
This is a very nice, but very small store, and I hope Los Primos does well here. There's a much larger store in town, though, and that's just about half a mile north. We'll be touring that tomorrow on The Market Report!