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Look Inside: 9W Farm - Haverstraw, NY

9W Farm
Owner: Seong Pyo Hong
Opened: 2006
Cooperative: none
 212 US-9W, Haverstraw, NY
Photographed: June 2, 2021
In 2005, a Met Foodmarket opened at the other end of this strip mall in part of a former A&P. That store later became an NSA and then an Ideal Food Basket. But the following year, the 9W Farm opened up shop. It's a small, roughly 5,000 square foot store, mostly selling produce but with some grocery items and flowers, too, along with a seafood department.
We don't have an extensive look inside (and we saw the outside quickly before), but it's a nice little place with a lot of produce! Tomorrow, we're headed across the street to check out another small supermarket.