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We are moving on to a loose collection of stores in a few neighborhoods along the eastern part of Philadelphia! For this next group, we begin in South Philadelphia and Fishtown for one stop each, before heading to the northeastern part of the city for Mayfair, then circling back in west for Frankford. (Oh, and if you're really picky, one stop in Wissinoming on the way, too.) By the way, a note on the map locations: those are very approximate, and most likely they're way closer together than they appear on the map, but there's only so close together I can put those little dots. In other words, the map is intended for representative purposes only and don't bring it out on your Philadelphia wilderness expedition and expect to be guided by it and a north star. Anyway, the Frankford/Mayfair neighborhoods, where we'll be spending most of our time, have some pretty interesting stores and we'll be taking a look at a couple former supermarkets around there too. It'll take us a little more than three weeks to pass through these neighborhoods. So head over to The Market Report tomorrow for our South Philly store!