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TOUR: Dutch Mill Market - Milford, NJ

Dutch Mill Market
Owner: Gene Stickel
Opened: 1971
Cooperative: none
 561 Milford-Warren Glen Rd, Milford, NJ
Photographed: March 2020
Yesterday we saw the Milford Market in the middle of the town of Milford, and today, we've moved about 2 miles north of town for a look at this 4100 square foot store. Although it's smaller than the Milford Market, this store is more of a full supermarket and less of an expanded liquor store. It's located on a backroad which starts in downtown Milford and ends at the Musconetcong Gorge to the north, just south of route 80.
The store has produce in the first aisle, which runs parallel to the front wall. (So here, we're looking at the right-side wall of the store, with the front wall to our right.) Frozen and dairy run along the left side wall of the store, with single-serve beverages and butcher on the back wall, and deli/bakery and checkout on the right side wall.
Not a whole lot of produce, but there's certainly some. Actually, Milford Market may have a larger produce section, which is a little surprising.
But this store certainly has a larger selection of grocery basics. Like Milford Market, they use the Best Yet storebrand. Again, the aisles run parallel to the front wall of the store. I don't know if this was built as another supermarket, or if it was built in 1971 when it opened as Dutch Mill Market.
Nonfoods, of which there's a fairly large selection, since there's really no other choice for shopping around here.
Here we're looking back up towards the front wall of the store (you can see the windows), with frozen and dairy on the right side. There are a few touches that make this feel more like a convenience store than a supermarket, such as the ice cream freezer you can see straight ahead above, or the large selection of single-serve beverages on the back wall which we can see below.
But then, of course, we do also have a full butcher counter on the back wall -- and a very nice-looking one at that. I cannot explain the Dairy sign here, although I assume at one point dairy would've been in this part of the store. Maybe there used to be a larger meat department where dairy is now, and dairy would've run along the back wall of the store where the single-serve drinks now are, that would make sense.
And up next on the right-side wall is a deli counter with some prepared foods and in-house baked goods, which were surprisingly good. Well, I guess it's not surprising that they were good so much as it was surprising that they had them at all.
That's all for Dutch Mill Market -- which I assume is so named for its location in Holland Township -- but tomorrow we have our final Hunterdon/Warren town as we complete our northern circuit along the river. Come back to check out three stores here on The Independent Edition, plus one over on Grocery Archaeology!