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Snapshot: Towne Market - Phillipsburg, NJ

Towne Market
Owner: Sal Cassar
Opened: 1978
Cooperative: none
 135 S Main St, Phillipsburg, NJ
Photographed: January 2021
Phillipsburg is home to a ShopRite and a Stop & Shop out on route 22 (I guess those are technically Greenwich, but they're both referred to as Phillipsburg), and until recently also an Ahart's Market on 22. But in addition to that, the town has a few small independent grocery stores that are kind of on the borderline between convenience stores and grocery stores. One of them is here in downtown Phillipsburg, Towne Market, and although I didn't go in, it's clearly a wonderful specimen of grocery history.
We can also get a glimpse here of downtown Phillipsburg, a quiet riverfront town. The rest of the town is up the hill from the river, and has some beautiful historic neighborhoods. Phillipsburg can be considered part of the Lehigh Valley (the reporting on the closure of Ahart's can be found on and definitely feels more like PA than NJ. The town has other small corner stores around, including a few that we're also seeing today. Check out Cather's Food Mart and Gino's Market, along with an update at the former Ahart's here!
We have come to the end of our Hunterdon - Warren group, and up next we're heading to the southeast for our next group! Come back tomorrow to check out what we'll be seeing next.