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TOUR: Milford Market - Milford, NJ

Milford Market
Owner: unknown
Opened: unknown
Cooperative: none
 26 Bridge St, Milford, NJ
Photographed: March 2020
No, in case you're wondering, there isn't simply one long Bridge Street that parallels the Delaware River and passes through all these tiny towns, which all have Bridge Streets. Instead, there's a river crossing at each town which, naturally, occurs at each little town's Bridge Street. In an interesting coincidence, 26 Bridge Street in Frenchtown was an early 1900s A&P, and here in Milford we're finding another grocery store at 26 Bridge St, the 6300 square foot Milford Market. It looks like it's been the Milford Market for a little more than 10 years, but it's been a grocery store for much longer than that (in fact, it's likely that this was an early chain grocery store in town). I can't quite make out the name of the store that was here before, though.
Nowadays, the Milford Market is almost all a liquor store, with an added grocery department at the back. We're in the first aisle on the far right side of the store, which has dairy and produce sections behind the wine. The deli and meat department takes up the back wall, with frozen on the left side and a few short grocery aisles in the middle. The front half of the store is all liquor.
But we can see that there's a fairly complete selection of the grocery basics. You certainly couldn't do a big shopping here, but there's enough to tide you over.
Not a bad produce department, either. Certainly not as bad as some of these really small grocery stores have.
But the real draw is the deli and the liquor store. As we can see here, the maintenance at this store has not been the best -- notice that two of the three hanging lights are burnt out.
Looking back up towards the front of the store, we see some grocery and a lot more alcohol. Today, this store is basically a large liquor store with some grocery items and a deli.  If it weren't for the produce and dairy items, I wouldn't even consider it a real grocery store, it would just be a large convenience store.
But we do have some frozen foods in the last aisle here too, and notice that they're things you might snack on (ice cream, frozen pizzas, etc) rather than things you might cook with (like frozen vegetables).
And in the front we have a large refrigerated beer selection. I guess I haven't mentioned it yet, but this store sells Best Yet brand storebrand items. Now this store might not be much of a supermarket, but there is a small but fairly complete grocery store about two miles north of town that we're going to check out right here tomorrow!