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TOUR: BG's Value Market - Millersburg, PA

BG's Value Market
Owner: Dianne Koval
Opened: unknown
Cooperative: none
 301 S Market St, Millersburg, PA
Photographed: August 15, 2022
Our final Harrisburg-area store... which isn't really in the Harrisburg area, but about 20 miles north along the Susquehanna River... is the third of four BG's Value Markets out there, with two we've already seen in Minersville and Pine Grove, and a fourth I haven't been to yet.
I don't know much about the history of this store, but the roughly 25,000 square foot store appears to have had an expansion on the left side, visible above. It's not really noticeable inside, which means the store was renovated most recently at the time of the expansion or after it.
Here's what the property looks like from the main street.
I'm assuming the beige siding parts on the facade were originally windows, but it's hard to tell. We enter on either side of the foyer to produce on the right side of the store, bakery in the back right corner, deli and meat on the back wall, and dairy/frozen on the left side of the store.
I'm not sure if this decor was installed by BG's or some previous tenant, but the store seems to have a consistent decor package throughout -- something we didn't see in either of the other two.
But like the other BG's stores, it looks like a few fixtures have been updated more recently than the rest of the store.
I will say that this store didn't have quite as good a bakery as Pine Grove, but still a solid bakery. If I remember correctly, Minersville doesn't really have a bakery.
And here's a look at the deli counter and meat department on the back wall. As we can see, these cases are newer.
BG's Value Market uses Best Yet products from C&S Wholesale Grocers, which acquired a Pennsylvania wholesaler called AWI a few years ago. If I'm not mistaken, AWI was affiliated with ShurFine and ShurSave stores, although I'm still not 100% clear on those cooperatives.
A new floor and a fresh coat of paint on the walls would really brighten up the store. It's in good shape though, maybe the best of the three BG's I've been to.
Aisle 12.
And a look at the frozen foods and dairy areas on the left side of the store.
There are some random props around, such as these M&M displays next to a plow on top of the freezer cases... but otherwise, it's not a particularly quirky store.
This BG's competes with a Weis about two miles east of town.
Seems like a bit overkill on the checkout lane markers, but at least it matches the decor in the rest of the store! Anyway, I enjoyed this store because it's clean and well-run, and I always love small town supermarkets. And if you like small town supermarkets, good news -- we have a lot more to visit before we're done with Pennsylvania! But we are first going to take a quick Summer Break, before returning to the Coal Region in mid-July. More to come!