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Snapshot: Apna Bazar Farmers Market - Mechanicsburg, PA

Apna Bazar Farmers Market
Owner: Himanshu Bajaj
Opened: 2022
Cooperative: none
 85 Gateway Dr, Mechanicsburg, PA
Photographed: August 14, 2022
Today's post is a quick look at the Apna Bazar Farmers Market in Mechanicsburg, PA, taking the roughly 19,000 square foot space previously occupied by Grocery Outlet. Just last year, the Indian supermarket opened in the closed Grocery Outlet, which moved a bit south in 2022.
It appears to be related to the Apna Bazar we saw in Edison, but as I mentioned on that post, it's very hard to tell for sure. It doesn't look like Apna Bazar is reusing much if anything from Grocery Outlet. While there are plenty more supermarkets in Mechanicsburg, that's all we'll be seeing this time around, and tomorrow we're headed just north to Enola for a look at a relatively new store over on The Market Report!