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Look Inside: YC Sayford Supermarket - Harrisburg, PA

YC Sayford Supermarket
Owner: Yong Kwon
Opened: 2006
Cooperative: none
 1307 N 3rd St, Harrisburg, PA
Photographed: August 14, 2022
The only supermarket or large grocery store in midtown Harrisburg is the YC Sayford Supermarket at N 3rd St and Calder St. The 6700 square foot store looks like it may have previously been more of a supermarket than it is now, as it's really more of a large bodega these days.
The history of the building is a bit murky, as back in 1931 this address was a Harley-Davidson dealership. (And in 1889, there was a piano and organ dealer here, although I have to assume not in this building.) By 1946, however, there was a business called Lee's Delicatessen at 1307 N 3rd St, and I can't find any records after that.
When we enter the Sayford Supermarket, we can tell it's been a grocery store for quite some time. It's seen better days, but there's still some grocery items to choose from here.
The back wall of the store is covered by a large blue tarp, which makes me think something was removed there (my guess is a butcher and deli). Some assorted items are placed in front of the tarp, and the produce refrigerator seen here is at the back right of the store in front of the tarp.
Although the store does have some grocery aisles like this, the products sold here are mostly convenience products, not mainstream grocery items.
And in the left corner of the store, we have greeting cards, lottery machines in the front, and an empty service counter which I assume used to be a deli.
Unfortunately, there's not much else to see inside the Sayford Supermarket, and the store has definitely seen better days. For a very different food shopping experience, we're going to see another independent grocery store in the next block south tomorrow here on The Independent Edition!


  1. If one thing about the building's history is clear, it was undeniably a Rite Aid Pharmacy in the 1990s, given the patterned ceiling tile and red/blue striping on the floors. There is a good possibility the area behind the back wall was the store's pharmacy box.

    1. That's really interesting. So maybe what I assumed was a meat room in the back, covered by the blue tarp, is actually where Rite Aid would've had their pharmacy. Thanks!

    2. In the first inside shot, you can see a bunch of Aldi brand items 'Bakers Corner' and such on the top of the shelves. I guess they have no real supplier.

    3. That sounds right, thanks for pointing that out.


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