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TOUR: Asian Grocery - Iselin, NJ

Asian Grocery
Owner: Abdul Paracha
Opened: 2012
Cooperative: none
Location: 1547 Oak Tree Rd, Iselin, Woodbridge, NJ
Photographed: June 2020
The smallest of the grocery stores along Oak Tree Road, Asian Grocery did not appear on my list of stores as I was planning out my trip. I then attempted to get into it from Patel Brothers by crossing the side street, but you can't enter the parking lot. Anyway, I figured when I finally could get in, it would be worth visiting, if only for completion of this stretch of the road. Until 2019, it appears this store was operating under the name Bestway Cash & Carry -- which opened before 2012, so it's possible the store changed ownership in 2012.
Produce and dairy/refrigerated foods take up approximately the left 1/3 of the store, with the right 2/3 being grocery aisles and frozen foods at the far right side of the store.
Tempting as it is to say, I do not believe that "THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING WITH US" sign is secondhand from another supermarket. I think it fits too perfectly in that space.
The front of the store on the left side (in front of produce) has one additional grocery aisle along the front wall of the store.
The rest of the grocery aisles run perpendicular to the front of the store, with bulk foods along the back wall. I like this store's flooring better than anything else we've seen so far along Oak Tree Road! (And if you've missed the stores, they're Apna Bazar, Patel Bros Edison, India Grocers, and Patel Bros Iselin so far.)
The frozen cases don't all match, which might be a sign they were brought in secondhand from elsewhere.
Three registers on the front end. That's all for now, but come back tomorrow to see the final Oak Tree store just across the street here on The Independent Edition!