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Snapshot: Quick Food & Deli Meat Market - Elmora, Elizabeth, NJ

Quick Food & Deli Meat Market
Owner: unknown
Opened: unknown
Cooperative: none
Location: 283 Westfield Ave, Elmora, Elizabeth, NJ
Photographed: January 2021
Today's snapshot is a quick look at a bodega staple in the eastern part of Elmora. It's been a grocery store for as long as anyone can remember, and it's been Quick Food & Deli for at least a good 15 years. The store looks to be about 1700 square feet and despite having gone by on foot, in a car, and in a bus for my whole life, I've never been inside. This is just one of the probably dozens of bodegas and small grocery stores that populate the street corners of Elizabeth, like many cities, and I'd love to get the chance to tour many more of them but for now this is the only one I have. Up next, we're heading downtown for two stores on Grocery Archaeology over the next two days!