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TOUR: Natural Market - Garden City, NY

Natural Market
Owner: Oscar Molatti
Opened: between 2007 and 2012
Cooperative: none (Krasdale wholesale)
Location: 140 7th St, Garden City, NY
Photographed: December 2018
For today's store tour, we're looking at this 8700 square foot store directly across the street from the Key Food Marketplace.
It's a very attractive store (more modern than Key Food, but slightly smaller). It focuses on natural and specialty products, and has more services than Key Food. But it's less of a general supermarket. Here's a brief layout summary: deli/bakery/prepared foods line the front wall. Checkouts line the right wall and dairy/meat/seafood on the left wall. Produce is on the back wall.
Looking along the front wall of the store.
Prepared foods and deli is a much larger selection than Key Food, but this store has very little general grocery selection.
Cheese and dairy on the side wall opposite the checkouts. Note the Krasdale aluminum pans!
Butcher and seafood in the back corner. Note that, like Key Food, this store backs up to a municipal parking lot, so there are entrances and exits at both ends.
Small but present grocery selection in the center of the store.
Produce lines the back wall of the store. Though the floor space may be smaller than Key Food's produce department, it looks beautiful and may actually have more selection.
Coffee and sushi in the front corner.
And floral (with some A&P Fresh-esque decor) on the side wall.
That about wraps up our tour of the Natural Market, which is a really nice store! I do think it can coexist with Key Food since their positioning is very different. Now, although we've been in the town of Hempstead for a while, we're going into the central city part of Hempstead to see some stores over on The Market Report!