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Look Inside: Food Farm Supermarket - Valley Stream, NY

Food Farm Supermarket
Owner: Ronnie Shiekh
Opened: 2015-2019
Cooperative: Associated Supermarket Group
Location: 351 N Central Ave, Valley Stream, NY
Photographed: December 2018
This store, opened in 2015, replaced a Desi Food Market in the same location. The Desi Food Market at 109-19 Liberty Ave in Woodhaven, Queens, also became a Food Farm, as did Associated stores at 241-11 Linden Blvd, Elmont, NY (in 2017), and 89-61 Francis Lewis Blvd, Queens Village (in 2015).
This store was in somewhat poor repair, with some shelves sparse and a general feeling of dinginess around the building. The chain went under entirely in 2019, but a year prior they found themselves in hot water for an employee who threw frozen meat on a loading dock to separate it.
The grocery selection is heavily Middle Eastern and South Asian.
As yet, nothing has replaced this now-vacant 11,000 square foot space. There is another supermarket just half a mile north on N Central Ave, a beautiful newly renovated Key Food, which we will see up next!