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TOUR: Maspeth Marketplace - Maspeth, NY

Maspeth Marketplace
Owner: Danny Doleh
Opened: 2017 (as Maspeth Marketplace), 2005 (as Key Food)
Cooperative: Key Food Stores
Location: 66-56 Grand Ave, Maspeth, NY
Photographed: July 2018
Wrapping up Maspeth with one more store, which was formerly a Key Food. When the Key Food down the street opened, the beloved 6400 square foot old store was converted into the Maspeth Marketplace. It does in fact have a tiny parking lot, though the owners also allow Maspeth Marketplace customers to park in the Key Food lot.
So if I remember correctly, produce and meat line the right side, with deli in an island in the middle. Dairy and frozen line the left wall. The aisles actually run diagonally from front left to back right, as this store is tiny even by New York City standards.
Because the store was well-liked, the owners focused on maintaining continuity ("same owners, new name!") and keeping the Key Food logo on the posters and awning. Notice the "by Key Food" under "Maspeth Marketplace."
Now heading in!
Although it's definitely been a while since the store had a full top-to-bottom renovation, it's still looking pretty good. You can see the decor is starting to peel on the deli sign, but that's the only place that's happening.
Pretty solid deli. I'm sure this store makes a lot of business from its deli.
Grocery aisles are very tight and are on the diagonal, but they do have very nice fixtures and shelving.
Meats on the right-side wall behind produce.
It's hard to say exactly how many grocery aisles there are, because they're all at weird angles and overlapping on each other, but I'll go with about six, plus the first (produce-meat) and last (dairy-frozen-beer).
You can take this opportunity to look closely at the grocery selection and see why they have so many choices in a small store. Lots of SKUs, but only one or two facings of almost all of them.
Somehow the store's dairy department feels enormous. I wonder why, they must do a lot of dairy turnover.
Nice flooring though. It almost feels like the perimeter flooring (darker) is newer than the interior flooring (the more brown/orange one).
Frozen food cases also look quite new.
Unfortunate placement of the Frozen Vegetables sign, though technically correct (perhaps it should've been just a little to the right where it's not above the laundry detergent).
A look at the front-end. Customer service is in the corner to the right. Though the Maspeth Marketplace doesn't bake in-store, they do bring in some very nice breads from local bakeries (you can see some to the left above).
And they have a train!
And there you have the Maspeth Marketplace! Next we're moving to the northeast to visit Whitestone, Flushing, and Bayside!