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TOUR: Washington Food Market - Washington, CT

Washington Food Market
Owner: George Verrastro
Opened: 1973
Cooperative: IGA
 5 Bryan Hall Plz, Washington, CT
Photographed: July 9, 2021
This store definitely doesn't look like your average supermarket! This store of around 9,000 square feet is located on the downtown stretch of Washington, CT, a small town of around 3600. The town was largely destroyed in a 1955 flood, then rebuilt in a similar setup. The main businesses are located mostly on Bryan Hall Plaza, a somewhat strange almost dead-end main street with businesses only on one side and the town hall's large property on the other.
This IGA-affiliated independent opened in 1973, but I'm not sure if there was previously another supermarket here. Inside, it's pristine but wonderfully original -- possibly some parts even to the store's 1973 opening.
Produce is in the front part of the first aisle, with chips and beverages in the back part. Dairy runs across the back wall, with deli in the back left corner. Meat, seafood, and bakery line the outside of the last aisle, with frozen foods facing.
It wouldn't surprise me if the decor is left over from day 1 in 1973, but it's been maintained so well it's hard to tell for sure. It's likely that it's newer, though.
The grocery aisles definitely have an old-school feeling, with the panels above the grocery shelves we can see to the right below.
The store is bright and clean and well-appointed with a lot to choose from, especially given the size of the store.
The deli and bakery are in the back left corner with the meat and seafood departments in the rest of the last aisle.
I love the look of this store and the way it's been preserved! The wallpaper, hanging lights, and ceiling fans on the front end are all just perfect. How many stores do you know of that are this original from this time period without being dilapidated and sad?
Unfortunately, our tour ends there but I loved this store. I also got some delicious baked good from here (now I can't remember what I got, sadly, but I know I loved it). And although we've been seeing some very well-run independents around this part of Connecticut, up next we're going to see one that was not quite so well-run, and closed recently, right here on The Independent Edition!