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TOUR: DeCicco Family Markets - Katonah, NY

DeCicco Family Markets
Owner: Christina DeCicco
Opened: 2016
Cooperative: Krasdale Foods
 132 Bedford Rd, Katonah, NY
Photographed: July 9, 2021
Yesterday we saw a DeCicco & Sons, and today is a different part of the same family, who own DeCicco Family Markets. While the DeCicco & Sons side seems to be rapidly expanding, Family Markets seems to be slowly shrinking. Their latest new store was this one, which opened in a former A&P they acquired in A&P's bankruptcy auction; in 2018, they closed a store in Cross River, NY, which is now a Green Way Markets, and in 2023, they closed a location in Cornwall. The stores are also less gourmet-angled, with this one looking very attractive -- it's a pleasant and very nice store -- but it doesn't look like a real gourmet market the way yesterday's store did.
I'm not sure what A&P's produce department would've looked like, or what their layout overall was, but DeCicco Family Markets did a pretty significant renovation (at least a cosmetic one) when they moved in. This store is remarkable, though, because it was constructed as an A&P centennial store at 13,000 square feet and was not expanded at any point. It operated as an A&P right up until the very end, and in 2015 it was sold to DeCicco.
Here we can see the entrance and the produce department. The store definitely feels small, but in a pleasant, charming way.
A cheese case faces the deli department, which is at the back of the produce department.
And on the back wall we have the very attractive seafood counter and a small butcher window. I believe all or most of the fixtures were new when DeCicco moved in, and the decor and flooring certainly were.
Meats continue at the back of the store.
The grocery aisles are clean and well-stocked, but this definitely feels like a more mainstream selection than the DeCicco & Sons stores.
Both sides are supplied by Krasdale.
Frozen foods are in the second-to-last aisle. Not counting the produce department, there are six aisles here.
And dairy in beautiful new cases is in the last aisle. It's amazing to me that the store is exactly the same size it started out as years ago. We'll see another example of that shortly. Other stores, like Shrub Oak, remained very original centennials but had been expanded. There aren't that many centennials out there that haven't been expanded and are still operating as supermarkets.
In the front corner, there's a large bakery. I would say this is the largest service department in the store, and it's also a very impressive department.
Around the corner from bakery is customer service, which you can see at the other end of the front-end below, and the registers take up the rest of the front wall. As you can see, it's a small space but very attractive and DeCicco has made the most of it.
Up next we'll be seeing two small grocers in downtown Katonah on The Market Report tomorrow!