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TOUR: Kobacker's Market - Brewster, NY

Kobacker's Market
Owner: Frank Milano
Opened: 1999
Cooperative: IGA
Location: 570 N Main St, Brewster, NY
Photographed: May 2019
Our final stop on the Northern Westchester - Putnam group is this store just four miles from the Connecticut border. It's quite a different story from the DeCicco & Sons we saw yesterday, being just 10,000 square feet, or a quarter of the size of the DeCicco.
The store is actually a barrel-roof building, with multiple expansions. It's hard to tell whether that part to the right was originally a barn or if it's just designed to look like that. Heading in, we find an extremely pleasant and well-taken-care-of small-town supermarket.
And the barrel roof is exposed inside, with wood beams extending across the approximately 55' wide main store. The barn section to the right holds dairy, beverages, and beer, with produce and the rest of dairy in the first aisle. Meat lines the back wall with deli in the back corner, and frozen foods in the last aisle.
I'm pretty sure the interior has been remodeled at some point after the store opened under current ownership in 1999. It looks fantastic, and I love the wood ceiling details and concrete floor. Speaking of the ceiling...
So cool! I'd assume this feature is original to the building, though the wood looks much newer.
Milk and beverages in the barn-like expansion, which is unfortunately less exciting on the inside.
These cases look much newer. Beer is to the back, with soda in the front.
This area forms a dead-end, so let's head back into the main store...
A great overview shot of the first aisle. Meat and deli are on the back wall under a drop ceiling, with baked goods facing.
Lots of fresh baked items I regret not buying. Anyway, heading into the grocery aisles.
This store, like most other IGAs in this area, is supplied by Bozzuto's of Cheshire, CT. It sells a combination of IGA, Hy-Top, and Seven Farms (organic) storebrand products.
I circled back twice but these people were very excited to see each other and were talking for a very long time. So unfortunately, they'll be making an appearance in our look at the frozen foods aisle, which is the last aisle. They seemed like very nice people though. Customer service and HABA are at the front of this aisle, with checkouts along the rest of the front wall under a drop ceiling.
That wraps up our tour of this very interesting and unique store, and also our coverage of Westchester/Putnam! We're heading through Connecticut next, but we'll be returning to a new part of New York in about a month when we finish Connecticut. Stay tuned!