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Up next: the state of Connecticut! We have a few stores scattered across the northern part of the state, with three in the greater Danbury area (the first city you enter when you cross the border from Brewster, see here and here), six in the Hartford area, and the remainder along the southern coast of the state (where it borders the Long Island Sound), stopping in the cities of Bridgeport, Norwalk, Stamford, and Greenwich with a few others in between. Most of our stores are going to be here on The Market Report, with a few over on The Independent Edition and one on Grocery Archaeology. So generally we're starting on the western end of the state, crossing the middle of the state, then circling down to the southern end and completing the circuit back to the southwestern corner of the state. Tomorrow we have a store tour at the ShopRite of Danbury, the store in the above graphic!