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TOUR: Beyar's Market - Westerleigh, Staten Island, NY

Beyar's Market
Owner: Tom Beyar
Opened: 2003
Cooperative: none
Location: 2241 Victory Blvd, Westerleigh, Staten Island, NY
Photographed: March 2020
This 3400 square foot store is located just to the west on Victory Blvd from the Met Foods and former Safeway that we've seen in the past few days. It's no bigger than most convenience stores in other parts of the country but manages to pack in produce, beer, groceries, dairy, frozen, a butcher, a deli, and a bakery.
You enter and make a sharp right to continue along the front wall of the store, which has produce and beer. Grocery aisles take up the right half of the store, running parallel to the front wall. Dairy runs along the right side of the store, with frozen on the right half of the back wall, followed by deli and bakery. Butcher is on the left wall of the store with checkouts on the front wall.
Beyar's sells Essential Everyday storebrand products from Supervalu.
The aisles are not for the claustrophobic.
Dairy in the back corner and frozen on the back wall with relatively new cases. I think this store sees a combination of convenience store "stop in and pick up bread" sales along with full shopping, especially by those who don't have a means of transportation to a larger grocery store.
The centerpiece of the store is the deli/butcher. It runs along the back and left side walls. This center island also features store-made bakery items (along with Table Talk Pies, of course!) and fresh bread on the other side, facing the deli counter.
Butcher in the back corner. And when I say butcher, I mean a real butcher.
Two registers, and a look at the front-end with convenience store style items, health and beauty, and greeting cards. I'd bet the man running the open register is Tom Beyar himself! Beyar's is a very nice neighborhood grocery store -- up next, let's head to some much larger locations to the northern part of Staten Island!