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Look Inside: The Meat Place - Flatbush South, Brooklyn, NY

The Meat Place
Owner: Anthony Marchese
Opened: 2000
Cooperative: Krasdale
Location: 1891 Nostrand Ave, Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY
Photographed: May 2019
This quirky 4,000 square foot store is serious about what they do: meat. This is one of two Meat Place locations, the other one being farther up Nostrand Ave (which we'll see later). It's between the KP Farm Market and a Key Food we'll see tomorrow.
Much like Green Village, meats run along the left wall, with butcher and deli on the back wall (Green Village does not have a deli). Dairy/frozen runs along the right wall, with grocery aisles in the center.
The store is definitely a spacious 4,000 square feet. Notice that the signs are exactly the same as the CTown we saw on Hillside Ave in Jamaica.
Four registers, and as many grocery aisles.
Tomorrow, head over to The Market Report to see the Key Food immediately next door!


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    1. They've got a heck of a lot of meats. As an outside observer, I decline to speak to whether or not they, in fact, have THE meats. This seems like a risky claim for The Market Report to make. You can talk to my lawyer.


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