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Look Inside: Green Village Meat Market - Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY

Green Village Meat Market
Owner: Nostrand Finest Meats, Inc.
Opened: 2017
Cooperative: Retail Grocers Group
Location: 1861 Nostrand Ave, Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY
Photographed: May 2019
To give you an idea of the density of stores in this neighborhood, this location's front door is only 300 yards from CTown's front door, or one block if you prefer. And it's next door to what used to be a supermarket as well, though I didn't know that at the time of my visit.
"99 Cents Avenue D" was the Gem Meats Fine Food Supermarket, a bad knockoff of Fine Fare, before Green Village opened. Fine Foods closed by 2017, which is when Green Village opened. To my knowledge, this isn't affiliated with the Green Village Meat Market chain with locations in the Bronx; Brownsville, Brooklyn; and Far Rockaway, Queens.
This cramped, 2300 square foot store is slightly smaller than the 2400 square foot former Fine Food store next door, and it specializes in meat though it does have a full dairy and grocery selection as well. I don't specifically recall it selling any produce beyond what it displays outside, but still a very complete store for a space smaller than most newly built 7-Elevens.
Butcher on the back wall.
Looking towards the front of the store. That about wraps up our look at this store, but don't worry, there's another one just like it in the next block south. Because why wouldn't there be? Stay tuned!