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Update: Giant Farmers Market - Waldwick, NJ

Giant Farmers Market
Owner: Sang Kim
Opened: 2018
Cooperative: Retail Grocers Group
 19 Wyckoff Ave, Waldwick, NJ
Photographed: November 12, 2023
It's time for a quick update at the Waldwick Giant Farmers Market! We first saw it in 2020 and since then, it's gotten a minor renovation that shuffles around some of the departments and has turned it from a farmers market-type store with some groceries into a fairly straightforward supermarket with a disproportionately large produce department. Not all the change is positive, though, and some of the produce cases we can see below to the right were empty when I visited. Then again, there was some excellent produce and that appears to have been where the organic selection used to be.
I was a bit concerned when I came back and saw those empty cases and then the mostly-empty bakery department in the back. The service counter that was there had been removed and replaced with shelving for bread that was mostly empty. For some reason beyond my comprehension, the bread was not on the bread shelving but in a separate section near the deli -- and it was packed with delicious fresh-baked breads! -- and the service counter has just, for some reason, been moved to the front-end where a much larger selection of baked goods are than there used to be in this back corner. It's just strange decisions -- because then you have a mostly-empty bakery department while the products that should be there are all over the store. In the grocery aisles, there's another big change...
...the shelving has been replaced with longer, higher, and brand-new shelving, to make it more of a supermarket than it previously was. There's also more storebrand items, from Parade and from the LifeGoods brand. The back wall looks pretty much the same, but the deli and cheese departments are looking beautiful.
Here's a look at the new aisle markers over the newly-reset grocery aisles. I commented on the tiny frozen foods selection in the past, and now freezer cases have been added along the length of the last aisle. Dairy is on the outside of the store, just as it was.
And remember how I said the bakery department had been moved? Here's what it looks like now...
Beautiful! And what I got here was delicious -- muffins, cookies, brownies, bread... everything was great! That's all for this store, and tomorrow we're headed out to Queens for a brand-new store on The Market Report!