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Look Inside: Tarone's Super Market - Hazleton, PA

Tarone's Super Market
Owner: Robert Tarone
Opened: 1941
Cooperative: none
 819 Alter St, Hazleton, PA
Photographed: December 22, 2018
How many grocery stores have you seen that have been continuously operating for over 80 years? Not too many, and Tarone's Super Market has even stayed within the Tarone family during that time. The 3600 square foot store was built in 1941 and still has its distinct 1940s character, closely resembling ACME stores of that time and others, especially in the ceramic tiling on the front.
I'm not sure if it's always been orange, but the store certainly proudly displays its bright orange and green color scheme these days! The store is not really in a commercial district, it's just in a residential neighborhood north of downtown, but enough people seem to still travel to get to it that it's been in business for this long.
I love the painted signage on the storefront!
Heading in, we see a very classic grocery store with little relics from all throughout its history. These days it's mostly a butcher shop and deli, but there's some grocery items too.
It's really not as much of a general supermarket as it may have been at one time, though. It's still very clean and well-maintained.
The butcher and deli are at the back of the store. We can tell the store is old but the inside doesn't look like 1940s the way the outside does, so I assume it was renovated at some point.
And here's a look at the butcher and deli counter across the back wall of the store!
Always fun to visit neighborhood institutions like this. There's a larger grocery store a few blocks north, and that's where we'll be headed tomorrow!


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