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Snapshot: Shawnee General Store - Shawnee, PA

Shawnee General Store
Owner: Bill Rooth
Opened: 2000
Cooperative: none
 542 River Rd, Shawnee, PA
Photographed: May 31, 2021
Today's post is a quick one -- a stop by the Shawnee General Store in Shawnee, PA. The general store/eatery claims to have been in business since 1859, which looks fully possible if perhaps expanded and remodeled a few times. We're about five miles outside of Stroudsburg here, and before we get into the town itself we're headed up to the northeast to pass through East Stroudsburg with a few stops along and near US-209, the main drag that goes from Stroudsburg to Port Jervis. Head over to Grocery Archaeology on Monday to see something that may have been a supermarket in the past -- but, admittedly, probably wasn't. Then we're on to checking out a couple of stores still in business up that way!